During this IBIS programme i hope to define parts of my future goal. Not having any direction to move towards to is hard sometimes. Many people are interested or incredibly good at something, I have the problem that im interested in a bit of everything. Making it very hard to choose for 1 particular thing. So i hope I'll be able to define what i want in life. One thing I've defined for myself is that I want to learn new things about other cultures, so the study abroad unit next year seems like a goal to work towards to.


I've never been a very creative mind but I am pretty proud of the website I have designed for the passport. It's simple but its also a succes which im very happy about. My one rule in design is always simple yet amazing. Unfortunately in my daily life i do not get so many opportunities to be creative and design. As i do not think it's a strong aspect of me i tend to not embrace such situations. Maybe something to think about in the future.


Recently everyone is working hard on their assignments to finish the deadline and everything is going well so far. The assignments tend to be a little vague at some points but i think im executing them pretty well at the moment. Before the IBIS programme i didnt have school for a year so i had gotten pretty lazy. But with all the assignments and deadlines its hard to stay lazy especially since i want to attend the study abroad programme. That gives me motivation to execute and get myself working on the future.


There is not so much theoratical learning in this IBIS programme and i kinda miss that sometimes. But this new innovative learning path might be the key to the future, the dots will connect when the time is ripe. Since i miss the theoratical part I've been doing some research myself online to embrace the theoratical part of innovation. A Website called is a random search engine that shows you random interesting sites on the internet according to your interests.


I don't really have the feeling that I had to use my leading skills this semester. And actually I hardly ever have to use those skills in real life either. I think I have the potential to be a great leader though, but leading is not just a one person thing. Great leader work with others to solve a problem together.