For the class of What's in My Backpack we've been given the task to write down a masterplan for our life,
unfortunately this masterplan won't be finished anytime soon. But my current ideal of the future is to find a
profession i enjoy doing, so that i can enjoy my life everyday. At the moment I have no idea what it is going to be,
but i hope to explore myself during the IBIS programme and find out what it is.
Another thing im certain of is that i do not want to stay in the netherlands as i enjoy new adventures.
I hope to participate in the foreign study programme next year, therefore i have to work hard and swich
on the pro-active button. But i understand myself well enough to know that I'm a lazy bastard and that additude
has got to change! During the upcoming term i will increase my productivity level by 100% in order to realize the
abroad programme. The HTML lessons are very interesting and i would like to learn more about coding websites,
if the school would offer an advaced coding lesson i would be very interested. So those are the first steps of my current plan.
Besides school my daily life consits of working and lots of self development. I hope to increase my understanding of life daily,
eventhough it gets very complicated and dark sometimes I try to keep it simple. Less is more! (sometimes)

I do not want to seem like some shallow materialistic person, but i understand life well enough to know that money matters a great deal.
Recently i"ve been experimenting with the stock market, it amazes me how much money is made by that on daily base (mostly by rich people).
I hope to increase my analyzing skills in the stock market and get rich and pay my student loan.
Meeting new and interesting people is one of my goals in life. I enjoy learning new things and seeing more aspects of life than i could by myself.
I tend to be a bit judgemental and sceptic about people sometimes and that contradics with meeting new people ,
so I have to learn being more optimistic in that aspect. Random sponatious acts help sometimes. So far for my current life goals.
I hope you gotten a small glance of my future plans. Gonna take it step by step.

Thanks for reading

Erik Lau


The time has come to write my reflection essay about the past term. How fast 10 weeks have past, its incredible.
Eventhough i missed the first 3 weeks of school due to some enrollment issues I've managed to pick up everything
and sync in with the rest of the class. During this past term I've meet many new and interesting people and learned
some new things. The most interesting part is the html coding lesson, it's very cool to what can be created by some
codes.The HTML classes have opened my eyes for a new world of interesting things, I hope to learn more about
website coding and eventually javascript later during the ibis programme.
Also both business classes were very interesting and the teachers are experienced people. The study material wasn't
really new to but it was more like a small fresh up before heading to the next term I think.
Classes I found less interesting this term were"What's in My Backpack" and the "Information skills" unit, the reason for
that is because their content didn't attract me as
much as the other classes did. The WIMB class did make me think abou motivation and so i ended up buying a book
about motivation, its' called the Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau . It's a book about getting the most out of
life and doing what you want to do in life. My english skills have slightly increased in this past term, not so much grammar
improvements but my vocabulary has made tremendous steps. I hope the IBIS pprogramme will offer more language
classes later, I'm very eager to learn mandarin. One thing i was not so very happy about during this semester was the
way the NLU enrollments were arranged. Eventhough i had made a dream combination for the NLU's i was no able
to pursue it because many courses were full within a matter of seconds after opening. It felt like a race for making life
changing choices and that not the right way in my opinion. I hope the NLU's will come back later in the programme.
This bachelor programma is kinda different from other programmes i've seen so far, IBIS does not contain many
theoratical tests. At the beginning i had to get used to that, since I've always enjoyed learning from books, but this
new innovative way of learning might be a game changer in life. All in all this semester has been a pleasent journey
and i hope to keep improving myself in all possible aspects. It's now or never, time is ticking.