First day

Today was my first at the university, I got to meet some cool people right away.
The first impression i got was the open room with lots of students, the enviourment is very open and active.
Most of the time I'm a pretty quiet person so I was not sure if i wanted to stay in that room.
But the people i met were very nice als helpful they explained everything I had missed the past 2 weeks.
In order to get back in the flow I will have to work hard the coming weeks and start working on my future.
Actually this is my first time writing a blog, so im still prety unsure what to write down.
I guess we will see the bigger picture later.



Today is my mum's birthday, I haven't seen her for 3 months now. Gonna call her right after finishing I've finished this blog.
The past week has been pretty hard, I'm still having struggles following and understanding the classes, especially HTML is a tough class.
Often on the inernet I've seen posts about struggles in coding, now i can totally relate to them. So the HTML are a big focus point at the moment.
I'm not sure how often I should write this blog,
I guess once a week should be alright?



Finally it's weekend and I can get some rest. No school, no work no nothing, just enjoying life eating out tonight.
University is going fine at the moment, everything is back on tracks. The HTML classes are still a pain though.
The funny thing about HTML is that it's so mindtwisting but still very interesting enough to keep me going.
But the they idea that i create my own website really gives me a drive to deliver a good product. Soon I will have to start working on the IWOB assignment.
I'm not very good in presenting things I tend to get very nervous, hopefully thing will work out just fine.



The Deadlines are coming moving closer and closer. As I see the back the blog's its crazy how fast time has past. We are now reaching towards the end of the first semester, I'm really happy I started school again after my gap year. I ejoy the fact I still meet new people at school everyday, friendships are made.