About myself

Hello my name is Erik Lau I'm 23-years old and I live in Amsterdam.
I was born and raised in germany but at the age of 12 my dad got a
job in holland and so we decided to move to Eindhoven. It wasn't easy
leaving everything i grew up with behind but I realized it would be a start
of something new.The first two years I went to an international school
where I was taught the dutch language and introduced to the dutch culture.
After that i could transfer to a regular dutch secondary school and go to school
with other dutch children.At the age of 19 I graduated from high school with an
Havo degree and moved to Amsterdam where i attented the IBL program at the HvA.
Due to some Family matters i stopped after the first year of college,
I got a job at a restaurant earned some money and travelled in asia for a couple months.
By the time i got back I was 22 and realizing that my friends were in their final year of college.
It was time for me to get my life back together and start working towards the future,
it was then is started the IBIS program at inHolland Diemen.



Dedicated once interested, openminded, friendly, quadrilingual


Lazy, minimalistic, chaotic sometimes, not very communicative, uninterested